DVD_TITLE_APPMODE enumeration (strmif.h)

Indicates whether a DVD title is a karaoke title. This enumeration is a member of the DVD_TitleAttributes structure, which is filled when an application calls the IDvdInfo2::GetTitleAttributes method.


typedef enum tagDVD_TITLE_APPMODE {
  DVD_AppMode_Not_Specified = 0,
  DVD_AppMode_Karaoke = 1,
  DVD_AppMode_Other = 3


Value: 0
The disc does not provide any application mode information about this title.
Value: 1
Title contains karaoke content.
Value: 3
Title contains a type of content that the DVD Navigator Filter does not recognize, so the application should treat the title as a regular DVD-Video title.


When the DVD Navigator encounters a karaoke title on a disc, it goes into "karaoke mode" and informs the audio decoder. The decoder must respond by initially muting the three auxiliary channels. Applications can then selectively control the volume and mixing configuration of these channels using the karaoke-related methods in the IDvdControl2 interface For more information, see Playing Karaoke Audio Streams.


Header strmif.h (include Dshow.h)

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