IAMDevMemoryControl::QueryWriteSync method (strmif.h)

[The feature associated with this page, DirectShow, is a legacy feature. It has been superseded by MediaPlayer, IMFMediaEngine, and Audio/Video Capture in Media Foundation. Those features have been optimized for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Microsoft strongly recommends that new code use MediaPlayer, IMFMediaEngine and Audio/Video Capture in Media Foundation instead of DirectShow, when possible. Microsoft suggests that existing code that uses the legacy APIs be rewritten to use the new APIs if possible.]

Note  The IAMDevMemoryControl interface is deprecated.
Checks if the memory supported by the allocator requires the use of the IAMDevMemoryControl::WriteSync method.


HRESULT QueryWriteSync();

Return value

Returns S_OK if the method is required, or S_FALSE otherwise.


Not all on-board memory needs to have WriteSync called to synchronize with the completed write. This method is used to check if the call is necessary.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header strmif.h (include Dshow.h)

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