ITAgentSessionEvent interface (tapi3.h)

The ITAgentSessionEvent interface contains methods that retrieve the description of agent session events. When the application's implementation of the ITTAPIEventNotification::Event method indicates a TAPI_EVENT equal to TE_AGENTSESSION, the method's pEvent parameter is an IDispatch pointer for the ITAgentSessionEvent interface. The methods of this interface can be used to retrieve information concerning the agent session change that has occurred.

See About Call Center Controls for additional information.

Note  You must call the ITTAPI::put_EventFilter method and set an event filter mask that includes the TE_AGENTSESSION event to enable reception of agent session events. If you do not call ITTAPI::put_EventFilter, your application will not receive any events. For more information, see the Events overview.


The ITAgentSessionEvent interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. ITAgentSessionEvent also has these types of members:


The ITAgentSessionEvent interface has these methods.


The get_Event method (tapi3.h) gets an AGENT_SESSION_EVENT descriptor of the event that occurred.

The get_Session method (tapi3.h) gets a pointer to the ITAgentSession on which the event occurred.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header tapi3.h (include Tapi3.h)

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