ITLegacyAddressMediaControl::GetDevConfig method (tapi3if.h)

The GetDevConfig method returns an opaque data structure. The exact contents are specific to the service provider and device class. The data structure specifies the configuration of a device associated with a particular line device. For example, the contents of this structure could specify data rate, character format, modulation schemes, and error control protocol settings for a datamodem device associated with the line.


HRESULT GetDevConfig(
  [in]  BSTR  pDeviceClass,
  [out] DWORD *pdwSize,
  [out] BYTE  **ppDeviceConfig


[in] pDeviceClass

Pointer to BSTR containing TAPI device class for which configuration information is needed.

[out] pdwSize

Pointer to size of configuration array.

[out] ppDeviceConfig

Pointer to array of bytes containing device configuration information.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.

Return code Description
Method succeeded.
The pDeviceClass, pdwSize, or ppDeviceConfig parameter is not a valid pointer.
Insufficient memory exists to perform the operation.


This method is a COM wrapper for the LineGetDevConfig TAPI 2.1 function.

The GetID must be performed prior to calling this method.

The application must use SysAllocString to allocate memory for the pDeviceClass parameter and use SysFreeString to free the memory when the variable is no longer needed.

The application must call the CoTaskMemFree function to free the memory allocated for the ppDeviceConfig parameter.

TAPI 2.1 Cross-References: lineGetDevConfig, lineSetDevConfig


Target Platform Windows
Header tapi3if.h (include Tapi3.h)
Library Uuid.lib
DLL Tapi3.dll

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