ITTAPI::EnumerateAddresses method (tapi3if.h)

The EnumerateAddresses method enumerates the addresses that are currently available. Provided for C and C++ applications. Automation client applications, such as those written in Visual Basic, must use the get_Addresses method.


HRESULT EnumerateAddresses(
  [out] IEnumAddress **ppEnumAddress


[out] ppEnumAddress

Pointer to the IEnumAddress interface.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.

Value Meaning
Method succeeded.
The ppEnumAddress parameter is not a valid pointer.
The TAPI object has not been initialized.
Insufficient memory exists to perform the operation.


An application typically uses this enumeration to check the capabilities of each address and determine which are useful for current purposes.

If an expected address is not found, this may indicate that the appropriate service provider has not been installed or is not working correctly.

TAPI calls the Addref method on the IEnumAddress interface returned by ITTAPI::EnumerateAddresses. The application must call the Release method on the IEnumAddress interface to free resources associated with it.

If an address is created or removed during a TAPI session, the application will be notified through the ITTAPIEventNotification interface. If an address has been created, such as by installing a Plug and Play device, the ITTAPIEventNotification::Event returns the TE_ADDRESSCREATE member of the TAPIOBJECT_EVENT enum. If an address is removed, ITTAPIEventNotification::Event returns TE_ADDRESSREMOVE. Calling EnumerateAddresses after these events will reflect the current addresses.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header tapi3if.h (include Tapi3.h)
Library Uuid.lib
DLL Tapi3.dll

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