TraceLoggingLevel macro (traceloggingprovider.h)

TraceLogging wrapper macro that sets the level for the event.


void TraceLoggingLevel(
  [in]  eventLevel


[in] eventLevel

An 8-bit number used to describe an event's severity or importance. This value must be a compile-time constant in the range 0 to 255. If no TraceLoggingLevel arguments are provided to a TraceLoggingWrite call, the event's level will default to 5 (WINEVENT_LEVEL_VERBOSE).


ProviderId, Level and Keyword are the primary means for filtering events. Other kinds of filtering are possible but have much higher overhead. Always assign a meaningful non-zero level and keyword to every event.

See EVENT_DESCRIPTOR for details about the event level.

Return value



TraceLoggingLevel(eventLevel) can be used as a parameter to an invocation of a TraceLoggingWrite macro to set the event's level. Event level is a primary means for filtering events. Always assign a meaningful (non-zero) level to every event.

If no TraceLoggingLevel macros are provided to a TraceLoggingWrite call, the event's default level is 5 (WINEVENT_LEVEL_VERBOSE). If multiple TraceLoggingLevel macros are provided, the last value is used.

Level values 0 through 5 are defined by Microsoft (see evntrace.h and winmeta.h). Level values 6 through 15 are reserved for future definition by Microsoft. Level values 16 through 255 can be defined by the event provider.

Value Semantics
LOG_ALWAYS (0) Event bypasses level-based event filtering. Events should not use this level.
CRITICAL (1) Critical error
ERROR (2) Error
WARNING (3) Warning
INFO (4) Informational
VERBOSE (5) Verbose

Event collection sessions can set a level filter, meaning that the session will only accept events where eventDescriptor.Level <= session.LevelFilter. Note that events with a level of 0 will bypass level-based filtering.


    TraceLoggingLevel(WINEVENT_LEVEL_WARNING), // Levels defined in <winmeta.h>
    TraceLoggingKeyword(MyNetworkingKeyword), // Provider-defined keyword
    TraceLoggingHResult(errorCode, "Error"));


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header traceloggingprovider.h

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