IVssCreateWriterMetadata class (vswriter.h)

The IVssCreateWriterMetadata interface is a C++ (not COM) interface containing methods to construct the Writer Metadata Document in response to an Identify event. It is used only in the CVssWriter::OnIdentify method.

The addition and specification of components by a writer is managed through this interface.

After it is constructed, the Writer Metadata Document is a read-only object that requesters query for information about a writer and its components.

IVssCreateWriterMetadata defines the following methods.

Method Description
AddAlternateLocationMapping Creates an alternate location mapping.
AddComponent Adds a database or file group as a component to be backed up.
AddComponentDependency Indicates that a component participates in a backup or restore only if specified components managed by other writers also participate.
AddDatabaseFiles Indicates the physical files that are associated with a database to be backed up, as well as their location.
AddDatabaseLogFiles Indicates the log files that are associated with a database to be backed up, as well as their location.
AddExcludeFiles Specifies the files that will be excluded from the backup.
AddFilesToFileGroup Adds the specified file or files to the specified file group.
AddIncludeFiles Reserved for system use.
GetDocument Reserved for system use.
SaveAsXML Saves a text string containing the Writer Metadata Document.
SetBackupSchema Sets the backup schema (how a backup is to be executed) to be used when processing a writer's files.
SetRestoreMethod Indicates how writer data is to be restored.


The IVssCreateWriterMetadata class has these methods.


The AddAlternateLocationMapping method creates an alternate location mapping for a file set.

The AddComponent method adds a database or file group as a component to be backed up.

The AddComponentDependency method allows a writer to indicate that a component it manages has an explicit writer-component dependency; that is, another component in another writer must be backed up and restored with it.

The AddDatabaseFiles method indicates the file set (the specified file or files) that make up the database component to be backed up.

The AddDatabaseLogFiles method indicates the log files that are associated with a database to be backed up, as well as their location.

The AddExcludeFiles method is used to explicitly exclude a file set (a specified file or files) that might otherwise be implicitly included when a component of the current writer is backed up.

The AddFilesToFileGroup method adds a file set (a specified file or files) to a specified file group component.

Not supported. (IVssCreateWriterMetadata.AddIncludeFiles)

Not supported. (IVssCreateWriterMetadata.GetDocument)

The SaveAsXML method saves the Writer Metadata Document that contains a writer's state information to a specified string.

The SetBackupSchema method is used by a writer to indicate in its Writer Metadata Document the types of backup operations it can participate in.

The SetRestoreMethod method indicates how the writer's data is to be restored.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header vswriter.h (include Vss.h, VsWriter.h)

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