IWbemContext::Next method (wbemcli.h)

The IWbemContext::Next method retrieves the next value in an enumeration of all context values beginning with IWbemContext::BeginEnumeration.


  [in]  long    lFlags,
  [out] BSTR    *pstrName,
  [out] VARIANT *pValue


[in] lFlags

Reserved. This parameter must be 0.

[out] pstrName

This parameter cannot be NULL. The pointer must not point to an active BSTR on entry, and ideally it should be set to point to NULL. If no error code is returned, it is set to point to a newly allocated BSTR containing the context value name.

The caller must call SysFreeString on the returned string when it is no longer required. If WBEM_S_NO_MORE_DATA returns, pstrName is set to point to NULL, in which case SysFreeString should not be called. Note that if pstrName points to a valid BSTR on entry, this BSTR is not freed, and a memory leak occurs.

[out] pValue

This parameter cannot be NULL, and it must point to an empty or uninitialized VARIANT. If no error is returned, the VARIANT is initialized using VariantInit, and then set to contain the context value. The caller must call VariantClear on this pointer when the value is no longer required. If an error code is returned, the VARIANT pointed to by pValue is left unmodified.

If WBEM_S_NO_MORE_DATA returns, this parameter is set to point to a VARIANT of type VT_NULL.

It is possible that an entire IWbemClassObject object may be returned inside the VARIANT. If that is the case, then VT_UNKNOWN is the VARIANT type. The caller can take the IUnknown pointer and execute QueryInterface to obtain the IWbemClassObject pointer.

Note  At the end of the enumeration, WBEM_S_NO_MORE_DATA is returned. The returned VARIANT is of type VT_NULL, and the returned pstrName is NULL.

Return value

This method returns an HRESULT indicating the status of the method call. The following list lists the value contained within an HRESULT.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header wbemcli.h (include Wbemidl.h)
Library Wbemuuid.lib
DLL Esscli.dll; Fastprox.dll; FrameDyn.dll; FrameDynOS.dll; Wbemcomn.dll; Wbemcore.dll; Wbemess.dll; Wmipjobj.dll

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