WbemQueryFlagEnum enumeration (wbemdisp.h)

The WbemQueryFlagEnum constants define the depth of enumeration or query, which determines how many objects are returned by a call. These constants are used by SWbemServices.SubclassesOf, SWbemServices.InstancesOf, SWbemObject.Subclasses_, and SWbemObject.Instances_.

The WMI scripting type library, wbemdisp.tlb, defines these constants. Visual Basic applications can access this library; script languages must use the value of the constant directly, unless they use Windows Script Host (WSH) XML file format. For more information, see Using the WMI Scripting Type Library.


typedef enum WbemQueryFlagEnum {
  wbemQueryFlagDeep = 0,
  wbemQueryFlagShallow = 1,
  wbemQueryFlagPrototype = 2
} ;


Value: 0
Forces recursive enumeration into all subclasses derived from the specified parent class. The parent class itself is not returned in the enumeration.
Value: 1
Forces the enumeration to include only immediate subclasses of the specified parent class.
Value: 2
Used for prototyping. It stops the query from happening and instead returns an object that look like a typical result object.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Header wbemdisp.h

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