WbemTimeout enumeration (wbemdisp.h)

The WbemTimeout constant defines the time-out constants. This constant is used by SWbemEventSource.NextEvent.

The WMI scripting type library, wbemdisp.tlb, defines these constants. Visual Basic applications can access this library; script languages must use the value of the constant directly, unless they use Windows Script Host (WSH) XML file format. For more information, see Using the WMI Scripting Type Library.


typedef enum WbemTimeout {
  wbemTimeoutInfinite = 0xffffffff
} ;


Value: 0xffffffff
Use for parameters that use a time-out value such as iTimeoutMs for ISWbemServices.ExecNotificationQuery and the call will not return unless an event is received.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Header wbemdisp.h

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