WBEMTime::SetDMTF method (wbemtime.h)

[The WBEMTime class is part of the WMI Provider Framework which is now considered in final state, and no further development, enhancements, or updates will be available for non-security related issues affecting these libraries. The MI APIs should be used for all new development.]

The SetDMTF method sets the time in the WBEMTime object. The time is given by its BSTR parameter in Date and Time Format. A date and time argument earlier than midnight January 1, 1601 is not valid.


  const BSTR wszText



BSTR in Date and Time Format.

Return value

The method returns true if the time is valid and false if the time is not valid.


Internally, WBEMTime stores a datetime as a 64-bit integer. Because of this, implementation-specific interpretation to the use of an asterisk is required when setting a datetime.

When an asterisk "*" appears in any location in the inbound datetime string, wszText is replaced on a positional basis with the default datetime string "16010101000000.000000+000".

The microsecond separator "." and UTC offset sign "+/-" must be present in the correct locations. All other positions are replaced by the default element if an asterisk is detected in the corresponding location.

For example, "1979**********.000000-0*4" becomes "197910101000000.000000-004".

Because WBEMTime internally stores all datetime values in GMT, the resulting UTC of -004 causes the minute field to change so that the internal representation becomes "197910105000000.000000+000".


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header wbemtime.h
DLL FrameDynOS.dll; FrameDyn.dll

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