EngCreateClip function (winddi.h)

The EngCreateClip function creates a CLIPOBJ structure that the driver uses in callbacks.


ENGAPI CLIPOBJ * EngCreateClip();

Return value

The return value is a pointer to the newly-created CLIPOBJ structure if the function succeeds. Otherwise, it is NULL.


The CLIPOBJ structure created by EngCreateClip allows GDI to directly access banked frame buffers. The structure must be initialized by the driver so that the iDComplexity member of the CLIPOBJ structure is set to DC_TRIVIAL or DC_RECT. If the iDComplexity member is set to DC_RECT, the driver can set the rclBounds member of CLIPOBJ to the extent of the frame buffer bank. The driver must delete this CLIPOBJ structure using EngDeleteClip.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows 2000 and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Target Platform Universal
Header winddi.h (include Winddi.h)
Library Win32k.lib
DLL Win32k.sys

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