FONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile function (winddi.h)

The FONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile function retrieves a user-mode pointer to a view of a TrueType, OpenType, or Type1 font file.


PVOID FONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile(
  FONTOBJ *pfo,
  ULONG   *pcjFile



Pointer to the FONTOBJ structure with which the TrueType, PostScript OpenType, or PostScript Type1 font is associated.


Pointer to a location in which GDI returns the size, in bytes, of the view of the font file.

Return value

FONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile returns a pointer to a user-mode view of a font file upon success. If the FONTOBJ structure identifies a Type1 font, the return value is a pointer to the memory-mapped image of the pfb file. Otherwise, this function returns NULL.


FONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile should be called only for TrueType, OpenType, or Type1 fonts. The pointer returned by FONTOBJ_pvTrueTypeFontFile is valid only within the scope of the calling DrvTextOut function. That is, the driver should not assume that the pointer returned by this function is valid upon exiting DrvTextOut and returning control to GDI.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows 2000 and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Target Platform Universal
Header winddi.h (include Winddi.h)
Library Win32k.lib
DLL Win32k.sys

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