DnsQuery_A function (windns.h)

The DnsQuery function type is the generic query interface to the DNS namespace, and provides application developers with a DNS query resolution interface. Like many DNS functions, the DnsQuery function type is implemented in multiple forms to facilitate different character encoding. Based on the character encoding involved, use one of the following functions:

  • DnsQuery_A (for ANSI encoding)
  • DnsQuery_W (for Unicode encoding)
  • DnsQuery_UTF8 (for UTF-8 encoding)
Windows 8: The DnsQueryEx function should be used if an application requires asynchronous queries to the DNS namespace.


  [in]                PCSTR       pszName,
  [in]                WORD        wType,
  [in]                DWORD       Options,
  [in, out, optional] PVOID       pExtra,
  [out, optional]     PDNS_RECORD *ppQueryResults,
  [out, optional]     PVOID       *pReserved


[in] pszName

A pointer to a string that represents the DNS name to query.

[in] wType

A value that represents the Resource Record (RR)DNS Record Type that is queried. wType determines the format of data pointed to by ppQueryResultsSet. For example, if the value of wType is DNS_TYPE_A, the format of data pointed to by ppQueryResultsSet is DNS_A_DATA.

[in] Options

A value that contains a bitmap of DNS Query Options to use in the DNS query. Options can be combined and all options override DNS_QUERY_STANDARD.

[in, out, optional] pExtra

This parameter is reserved for future use and must be set to NULL.

[out, optional] ppQueryResults

Optional. A pointer to a pointer that points to the list of RRs that comprise the response. For more information, see the Remarks section.

[out, optional] pReserved

This parameter is reserved for future use and must be set to NULL.

Return value

Returns success confirmation upon successful completion. Otherwise, returns the appropriate DNS-specific error code as defined in Winerror.h.


Applications that call the DnsQuery function build a query using a fully qualified DNS name and Resource Record (RR) type, and set query options depending on the type of service desired. When the DNS_QUERY_STANDARD option is set, DNS uses the resolver cache, queries first with UDP, then retries with TCP if the response is truncated, and requests that the server to perform recursive resolution on behalf of the client to resolve the query.

Applications must free returned RR sets with the DnsRecordListFree function.

Note  When calling one of the DnsQuery function types, be aware that a DNS server may return multiple records in response to a query. A computer that is multihomed, for example, will receive multiple A records for the same IP address. The caller must use as many of the returned records as necessary.
Consider the following scenario, in which multiple returned records require additional activity on behalf of the application: A DnsQuery_A function call is made for a multihomed computer and the application finds that the address associated with the first A record is not responding. The application should then attempt to use other IP addresses specified in the (additional) A records returned from the DnsQuery_A function call.

If the lpstrName parameter is set to NULL, the DnsQuery function fails with the error INVALID_PARAMETER.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header windns.h
Library Dnsapi.lib
DLL Dnsapi.dll

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