Windows applications can use this control code to download a firmware image to the target device, but not activate it. If the image to be downloaded is larger than the controller’s maximum data transfer size, this IOCTL will have to be called multiple times until the entire image is downloaded.

To perform this operation, call the DeviceIoControl function with the following parameters.

BOOL DeviceIoControl(
  (HANDLE) hDevice,                 // handle to device
  (LPDWORD) lpInBuffer,             // input buffer
  (DWORD) nInBufferSize,            // size of input buffer
  (LPDWORD) lpOutBuffer,            // output buffer
  (DWORD) nOutBufferSize,           // size of output buffer
  (LPDWORD) lpBytesReturned,        // number of bytes returned
  (LPOVERLAPPED) lpOverlapped       // OVERLAPPED structure


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows 10
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2016
Header winioctl.h (include Windows.h)

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