MFT_ENUM_DATA_V1 structure (winioctl.h)

Contains information defining the boundaries for and starting place of an enumeration of update sequence number (USN) change journal records. It is used as the input buffer for the FSCTL_ENUM_USN_DATA control code. Prior to Windows Server 2012 this structure was named MFT_ENUM_DATA. Use that name to compile with older SDKs and compilers.


typedef struct {
  DWORDLONG StartFileReferenceNumber;
  USN       LowUsn;
  USN       HighUsn;
  WORD      MinMajorVersion;
  WORD      MaxMajorVersion;



The ordinal position within the files on the current volume at which the enumeration is to begin.

The first call to FSCTL_ENUM_USN_DATA during an enumeration must have the StartFileReferenceNumber member set to (DWORDLONG)0. Each call to FSCTL_ENUM_USN_DATA retrieves the starting point for the subsequent call as the first entry in the output buffer. Subsequent calls must be made with StartFileReferenceNumber set to this value. For more information, see FSCTL_ENUM_USN_DATA.


The lower boundary of the range of USN values used to filter which records are returned. Only records whose last change journal USN is between or equal to the LowUsn and HighUsn member values are returned.


The upper boundary of the range of USN values used to filter which files are returned.




Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Header winioctl.h (include Windows.h)

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