ldap_next_entry function (winldap.h)

The ldap_next_entry function retrieves an entry from a search result chain.


WINLDAPAPI LDAPMessage *LDAPAPI ldap_next_entry(
  [in] LDAP        *ld,
  [in] LDAPMessage *entry


[in] ld

The session handle.

[in] entry

The entry returned by a previous call to ldap_first_entry or ldap_next_entry.

Return value

If the search returned valid results, this function returns a pointer to the next result entry in the results set. If no further entries or references exist in the result set, it returns NULL. This is the only error return; the session error parameter in the LDAP data structure is cleared to 0 in either case.


Use ldap_next_entry in conjunction with ldap_first_entry to step through and retrieve the list of entries from a search result chain.

You are not required to explicitly free the returned entry because it is freed when the message itself is freed.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header winldap.h
Library Wldap32.lib
DLL Wldap32.dll

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