WinUsb_GetAdjustedFrameNumber function (winusb.h)

The WinUsb_GetAdjustedFrameNumber function computes what the current USB frame number should be based on the frame number value and timestamp.


BOOL WinUsb_GetAdjustedFrameNumber(
  [in, out] PULONG        CurrentFrameNumber,
  [in]      LARGE_INTEGER TimeStamp


[in, out] CurrentFrameNumber

The frame number to be adjusted.

[in] TimeStamp

The timestamp recorded at the time the frame number was returned.

Return value

WinUsb_GetAdjustedFrameNumber returns TRUE if the operation succeeds. Otherwise this function returns FALSE, and the caller can retrieve the logged error by calling GetLastError.


Minimum supported client Windows 8.1
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 R2
Target Platform Universal
Header winusb.h (include Winusb.h)
Library Winusb.lib
DLL Winusb.dll

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