GESTURECONFIG structure (winuser.h)

Gets and sets the configuration for enabling gesture messages and the type of this configuration.


typedef struct tagGESTURECONFIG {
  DWORD dwWant;
  DWORD dwBlock;



The identifier for the type of configuration that will have messages enabled or disabled. For more information, see Remarks.


The messages to enable.


The messages to disable.


It is impossible to disable two-finger panning and keep single finger panning. You must set the want bits for GC_PAN before you can set them for GC_PAN_WITH_SINGLE_FINGER_HORIZONTALLY or GC_PAN_WITH_SINGLE_FINGER_VERTICALLY.

An inertia vector is included in the GID_PAN message with the GF_END flag if inertia was disabled by a call to SetGestureConfig.

When you pass this structure, the dwID member contains information for a set of gestures. This determines what the other flags will mean. If you set flags for pan messages, they will be different from those flags that are set for rotation messages.

The following table indicates the various identifiers for gestures that are supported by the dwID member of the GESTURECONFIG structure. Note that setting dwID to 0 indicates that global gesture configuration flags are set.

Name Value Description
GID_ZOOM 3 Indicates configuration settings for the zoom gesture.
GID_PAN 4 Indicates the pan gesture.
GID_ROTATE 5 Indicates the rotation gesture.
GID_TWOFINGERTAP 6 Indicates the two-finger tap gesture.
GID_PRESSANDTAP 7 Indicates the press and tap gesture.

The following flags are used when dwID is set to 0.

Name Value Description
GC_ALLGESTURES 0x00000001 Indicates all of the gestures.

The following flags are used when dwID is set to GID_ZOOM.

Name Value Description
GC_ZOOM 0x00000001 Indicates the zoom gesture.

The following flags are used when dwID is set to GID_PAN.

Name Value Description
GC_PAN 0x00000001 Indicates all pan gestures.
GC_PAN_WITH_SINGLE_FINGER_VERTICALLY 0x00000002 Indicates vertical pans with one finger.
GC_PAN_WITH_SINGLE_FINGER_HORIZONTALLY 0x00000004 Indicates horizontal pans with one finger.
GC_PAN_WITH_GUTTER 0x00000008 Limits perpendicular movement to primary direction until a threshold is reached to break out of the gutter.
GC_PAN_WITH_INERTIA 0x00000010 Indicates panning with inertia to smoothly slow when pan gestures stop.
Note  Setting the GID_PAN flags in SetGestureConfig will affect the default gesture handler for panning. You should not have both dwWant and dwBlock set for the same flags; this will result in unexpected behavior. See Windows Touch Gestures for more information on panning and legacy panning support; see SetGestureConfig for examples of enabling and blocking gestures.
The following flags are used when dwID is set to GID_ROTATE.
Name Value Description
GC_ROTATE 0x00000001 Indicates the rotation gesture.

The following flags are used when dwID is set to GID_TWOFINGERTAP.

Name Value Description
GC_TWOFINGERTAP 0x00000001 Indicates the two-finger tap gesture.

The following flags are used when dwID is set to GID_PRESSANDTAP.

Name Value Description
GC_PRESSANDTAP 0x00000001 Indicates the press and tap gesture.


    GESTURECONFIG gc[3];    
    UINT uiGcs = 3;

    ZeroMemory(&gc, sizeof(gc));
    gc[0].dwID  = GID_ZOOM;
    gc[1].dwID  = GID_ROTATE;
    gc[2].dwID  = GID_PAN;
    BOOL bResult = GetGestureConfig(hWnd, 0, 0, &uiGcs, gc, sizeof(GESTURECONFIG));        
    if (!bResult){                
        DWORD err = GetLastError();                                       


Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2 [desktop apps only]
Header winuser.h (include Windows.h)

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