ATM_BHLI structure (ws2atm.h)

The ATM_BHLI structure is used to identify B-HLI information for an associated ATM socket.


typedef struct {
  DWORD HighLayerInfoType;
  DWORD HighLayerInfoLength;
  UCHAR HighLayerInfo[8];



Identifies the high layer information type field in the B-LLI information element. Note that the type BHLI_HighLayerProfile has been eliminated in UNI 3.1. A value of SAP_FIELD_ABSENT indicates that B-HLI is not present, and a value of SAP_FIELD_ANY means wildcard.


Identifies the number of bytes from one to eight in the HighLayerInfo array. Valid values include eight for the cases of BHLI_ISO and BHLI_UserSpecific, four for BHLI_HighLayerProfile, and seven for BHLI_VendorSpecificAppId.


Identifies the high layer information field in the B-LLI information element. In the case of HighLayerInfoType being BHLI_VendorSpecificAppId, the first 3 bytes consist of a globally-administered organizationally unique identifier (OUI), (according to IEEE standard 802-1990), followed by a 4-byte application identifier, which is administered by the vendor identified by the OUI. Value for the case of BHLI_UserSpecific is user defined and requires bilateral agreement between two end users.


The following are the manifest constants associated with the ATM_BHLI structure:

#include <windows.h>
 *  values used for the HighLayerInfoType field in struct ATM_BHLI

#define BHLI_ISO                   0x00   /* ISO                                 */
#define BHLI_UserSpecific          0x01   /* User Specific                       */
#define BHLI_HighLayerProfile      0x02   /* High layer profile (only in UNI3.0) */
#define BHLI_VendorSpecificAppId   0x03   /* Vendor-Specific Application ID      */


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header ws2atm.h

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