XInputGetDSoundAudioDeviceGuids function (xinput.h)

Gets the sound rendering and sound capture device GUIDs that are associated with the headset connected to the specified controller.


DWORD XInputGetDSoundAudioDeviceGuids(
  DWORD dwUserIndex,
  GUID  *pDSoundRenderGuid,
  GUID  *pDSoundCaptureGuid



[in] Index of the user's controller. It can be a value in the range 0–3. For information about how this value is determined and how the value maps to indicators on the controller, see Multiple Controllers.


[out] Pointer that receives the GUID of the headset sound rendering device.


[out] Pointer that receives the GUID of the headset sound capture device.

Return value

If the function successfully retrieves the device IDs for render and capture, the return code is ERROR_SUCCESS.

If there is no headset connected to the controller, the function also retrieves ERROR_SUCCESS with GUID_NULL as the values for pDSoundRenderGuid and pDSoundCaptureGuid.

If the controller port device is not physically connected, the function returns ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED.

If the function fails, it returns a valid Win32 error code.


Use of legacy DirectSound is not recommended, and DirectSound is not available for Windows Store apps.

Note  XInputGetDSoundAudioDeviceGuids is deprecated because it isn't supported by Windows 8 (XInput 1.4).

Platform Requirements

DirectX SDK (XInput 1.3), Windows Vista (XInput 9.1.0)


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header xinput.h
Library Xinput.lib; Xinput9_1_0.lib
DLL Xinput9_1_0.dll

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