XInputGetKeystroke function (xinput.h)

Retrieves a gamepad input event.


DWORD XInputGetKeystroke(
  DWORD             dwUserIndex,
  DWORD             dwReserved,



[in] Index of the signed-in gamer associated with the device. Can be a value in the range 0–XUSER_MAX_COUNT − 1, or XUSER_INDEX_ANY to fetch the next available input event from any user.


[in] Reserved


[out] Pointer to an XINPUT_KEYSTROKE structure that receives an input event.

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is ERROR_SUCCESS.

If no new keys have been pressed, the return value is ERROR_EMPTY.

If the controller is not connected or the user has not activated it, the return value is ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED. See the Remarks section below.

If the function fails, the return value is an error code defined in Winerror.h. The function does not use SetLastError to set the calling thread's last-error code.


Wireless controllers are not considered active upon system startup, and calls to any of the XInput functions before a wireless controller is made active return ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED. Game titles must examine the return code and be prepared to handle this condition. Wired controllers are automatically activated when they are inserted. Wireless controllers are activated when the user power on the controller.

Platform Requirements

Windows 8 (XInput 1.4), DirectX SDK (XInput 1.3)


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header xinput.h
Library Xinput.lib
DLL Xinput1_4.dll

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