Backup Functions

The following functions are used with tape backup.

Function Description
BackupRead Reads data associated with a specified file or directory into a buffer.
BackupSeek Seeks forward in a data stream.
BackupWrite Writes a stream of data from a buffer to a specified file or directory.
CreateTapePartition Reformats a tape.
EraseTape Erases all or part of a tape.
GetTapeParameters Retrieves information that describes the tape or the tape drive.
GetTapePosition Retrieves the current address of the tape.
GetTapeStatus Determines whether the tape device is ready to process tape commands.
PrepareTape Prepares the tape to be accessed or removed.
SetTapeParameters Specifies the block size of a tape or configures the tape device.
SetTapePosition Sets the tape position on the specified device.
WriteTapemark Writes a specified number of filemarks, setmarks, short filemarks, or long filemarks to a tape device.


The following functions are provided for working with single-instance store and SIS backup.

Function Description
SisCreateBackupStructure Creates the specified SIS backup structure based on the supplied information.
SisCreateRestoreStructure Creates the specified SIS restore structure based on the supplied information.
SisCSFilesToBackupForLink Returns information describing the common-store files the specified SIS link points to.
SisFreeAllocatedMemory Frees memory allocated by SIS API functions.
SisFreeBackupStructure Frees the specified SIS backup structure.
SisFreeRestoreStructure Frees the specified SIS restore structure.
SisRestoredCommon StoreFile Reports to the SIS architecture that a common-store file has been written.
SisRestoredLink Returns the names of the common-store file or files pointed to by the specified restored SIS link.


The following functions are provided for working with backup and restore of encrypted files.

Function Description
CloseEncryptedFileRaw Close an encrypted file opened with OpenEncryptedFileRaw.
OpenEncryptedFileRaw Open an encrypted file with access to data in encrypted format.
ReadEncryptedFileRaw Read an encrypted file leaving its data in encrypted format.
WriteEncryptedFileRaw Write an encrypted file leaving its data in encrypted format.