BITS C++ Application Examples

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) application examples in this section are written in C++. They demonstrate a range of tasks that can be completed by using BITS features. Each application is separated into a series of steps.

The following table lists the C++ examples in this section.

Example Description
Example: Common Classes This example contains common classes that are used for the examples in this section. These common classes include a callback class, a generic error class, and a resource acquisition helper class for the COM CoInitializeEx function.
Example: Specifying Server Authentication Credentials for a BITS Transfer Job This example gets the authorization scheme and credentials from the user, creates a BITS transfer job, sets the credentials for the job, and monitors the status of the job.
Example: Using SSPI Authentication Encoding with BITS. This example demonstrates the use of Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) authentication and BITS to get the credentials from a user, encode the credentials, and set the encoded credentials on a BITS transfer job.
Example: Adding a Helper Token to a BITS Transfer Job This example creates a BITS transfer job and adds a second set of credentials to the job.