BITS interfaces

Use the following Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) interfaces to transfer files and monitor jobs within the transfer queue.

Interface Description
IBackgroundCopyCallback Clients implement the IBackgroundCopyCallback interface to receive notification that a job is complete, has been modified, or is in error.
IBackgroundCopyCallback2 Clients implement the IBackgroundCopyCallback2 interface to receive notification that a file has completed downloading.
IBackgroundCopyCallback3 Clients implement the IBackgroundCopyCallback3 interface to receive notification that ranges of a file have completed downloading.
IBackgroundCopyError Retrieves details of a job error.
IBackgroundCopyFile Retrieves the local and remote file names of a file transfer request in the job and its progress.
IBackgroundCopyFile2 Specifies a new remote name for the file and retrieves the list of ranges to download.
IBackgroundCopyFile3 Validates the file so that peers can request its content and retrieves the name of the temporary file.
IBackgroundCopyFile4 Retrieves download statistics for peers and origin servers.
IBackgroundCopyFile5 Provides generic property get and set methods for BackgroundCopyFile properties.
IBackgroundCopyFile6 Gets or sets generic properties of BITS file transfers.
IBackgroundCopyJob Adds files to the job, sets the priority level of the job, determines the state of the job, and starts and stops the job.
IBackgroundCopyJob2 Retrieves reply data from an upload job, determines the progress of the reply data transfer to the client, requests command line execution, and provides credentials for a proxy and remote server.
IBackgroundCopyJob3 Downloads ranges of a file, changes the prefix of a remote file name, and maintains the owner and ACL information with the file.
IBackgroundCopyJob4 Enables peer caching, restrict download time, and inspect user token characteristics.
IBackgroundCopyJob5 Queries or sets several optional behaviors of a job.
IBackgroundCopyJobHttpOptions Specifies client certificates for certificate-based client authentication and custom headers for HTTP requests.
IBackgroundCopyJobHttpOptions2 Use this interface to retrieve and/or to override the HTTP method used for a BITS transfer.
IBackgroundCopyManager Creates transfer jobs, retrieves an enumerator object of jobs in the queue, and retrieves individual jobs from the queue.
IBitsPeer Gets information about a peer in the neighborhood.
IBitsPeerCacheAdministration Manage the pool of peers from which you can download content.
IBitsPeerCacheRecord Gets information about a file in the cache.
IBitsTokenOptions Associates and manages a pair of security tokens for a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.
IEnumBackgroundCopyFiles Enumerates files in the job.
IEnumBackgroundCopyJobs Enumerates jobs in the transfer queue.
IEnumBitsPeerCacheRecords Enumerates the records of the cache.
IEnumBitsPeers Enumerates the list of peers that BITS has discovered.