Bluetooth Functions

The functions in this section are used for managing Bluetooth devices and services.

Bluetooth is also supported by using the Windows Sockets programming interface. For more information about programming Bluetooth by using the Windows Sockets interface, see Windows Sockets Support for Bluetooth.

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BluetoothAuthenticateDevice Sends an authentication request to a remote Bluetooth device.
BluetoothAuthenticateDeviceEx Sends an authentication request to a remote Bluetooth device. Additionally, this function allows for out-of-band data to be passed into the function call for the device being authenticated.
BluetoothAuthenticateMultipleDevices Enables the caller to prompt for multiple devices to be authenticated during a single instance of the Bluetooth Connection Wizard.
BluetoothDisplayDeviceProperties Invokes the Control Panel device information property sheet.
BluetoothEnableDiscovery Changes the discovery state of a local Bluetooth radio or radios.
BluetoothEnableIncomingConnections Modifies whether a local Bluetooth radio accepts incoming connections.
BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices Enumerates the GUIDs (globally unique identifiers) of the services that are enabled on a Bluetooth device.
BluetoothFindDeviceClose Closes an enumeration handle that is associated with a device query.
BluetoothFindFirstDevice Begins the enumeration of local Bluetooth devices.
BluetoothFindFirstRadio Begins the enumeration of local Bluetooth radios.
BluetoothFindNextDevice Finds the next Bluetooth device.
BluetoothFindNextRadio Finds the next Bluetooth radio.
BluetoothFindRadioClose Closes the enumeration handle that is associated with finding Bluetooth radios.
BluetoothGetDeviceInfo Retrieves information about a remote Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device must have been previously identified through a successful device inquiry function call.
BluetoothGetRadioInfo Obtains information about a Bluetooth radio.
BluetoothIsConnectable Determines whether a Bluetooth radio or radios is connectable.
BluetoothIsDiscoverable Determines whether a Bluetooth radio or radios is discoverable.
BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication Registers a callback function that is called when a particular Bluetooth device requests authentication.
BluetoothRegisterForAuthenticationEx Registers an application for a pin request, numeric comparison and callback function.
BluetoothRemoveDevice Removes authentication between a Bluetooth device and the computer, purging any cached information about the device.
BluetoothSdpEnumAttributes Enumerates through the SDP record stream and calls the callback function for each attribute in the record.
BluetoothSdpGetAttributeValue Retrieves the attribute value for an attribute identifier.
BluetoothSdpGetContainerElementData Iterates over a container stream and returns each element that is contained within the container element.
BluetoothSdpGetElementData Retrieves and parses a single element from an SDP stream.
BluetoothSdpGetString Converts a raw string that is embedded in the SDP record into a Unicode string.
BluetoothSelectDevices Enables Bluetooth device selection.
BluetoothSelectDevicesFree Frees resources associated with a previous call to the BluetoothSelectDevices function.
BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponse Called when an authentication request to send the passkey response is received.
BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponseEx Called when an authentication request to send the passkey or numeric comparison response is received.
BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo Sets local service information for a specific Bluetooth radio.
BluetoothSetServiceState Enables or disables services for a Bluetooth device.
BluetoothUnregisterAuthentication Removes registration for a callback routine that was previously registered with a call to the BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication function.
BluetoothUpdateDeviceRecord Updates the local computer cache about a Bluetooth device.