CIM_SlotInSlot class

The CIM_SlotInSlot relationship represents the ability of a special adapter to extend the existing slot structure to enable otherwise incompatible cards to be plugged into a frame or hosting board. Slots are special types of connectors into which adapter cards are typically inserted. The adapter effectively creates a new slot and can be thought of (conceptually) as a slot in a slot. Cards that would otherwise be physically or electrically incompatible with the existing slots would be supported by interfacing to the slot provided by the adapter. For example, networking boards are very expensive. As new hardware becomes available, chassis and card configurations change. To protect the investment of their customers, networking vendors will manufacture special adapters that enable old cards to fit into new chassis or hosting boards or new cards to fit into old cards by using a special adapter that fits over one or more existing slots and presents a new slot into which the card can fit.


The DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) CIM (Common Information Model) classes are the parent classes upon which WMI classes are built. WMI currently supports only the CIM 2.x version schemas.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all of its inherited properties. Properties are listed in alphabetic order, not MOF order.


[Abstract, UUID("{FAF76B87-798C-11D2-AAD1-006008C78BC7}"), AMENDMENT]
class CIM_SlotInSlot : CIM_ConnectedTo
  CIM_Slot REF Dependent;
  CIM_Slot REF Antecedent;


The CIM_SlotInSlot class has these types of members:


The CIM_SlotInSlot class has these properties.


Data type: CIM_Slot

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: Override ("Antecedent")

A CIM_Slot that describes the existing slot(s) of the hosting board, or frame that are being adapted to accommodate a card that would otherwise not be physically and/or electrically compatible with it.


Data type: CIM_Slot

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: Override ("Dependent"), Max (1)

A CIM_Slot that describes the new slot provided by the adapter board.


The CIM_SlotInSlot class is derived from CIM_ConnectedTo.

WMI does not implement this class.

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Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008

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