GetEffectivePermission method of the Win32_Directory class

The GetEffectivePermission WMI class method determines whether the user has all of the required permissions specified in the Permissions parameter for the Win32_Directory object, directory, and share where the directory entry file is located (if the file or directory are on a share).

This topic uses Managed Object Format (MOF) syntax. For more information about using this method, see Calling a Method.


boolean GetEffectivePermission(
  [in] uint32 Permissions


Permissions [in]

Bitmap of permissions that the caller can inquire about.

FILE_READ_DATA (file) FILE_LIST_DIRECTORY (directory) (1 (0x1))

Grants the right to read data from the file. For a directory, this value grants the right to list the contents of the directory.

FILE_WRITE_DATA (file) FILE_ADD_FILE (directory) (2 (0x2))

Grants the right to write data to the file. For a directory, this value grants the right to create a file in the directory.

FILE_APPEND_DATA (file) FILE_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY (directory) (4 (0x4))

Grants the right to append data to the file. For a directory, this value grants the right to create a subdirectory.

FILE_READ_EA (8 (0x8))

Grants the right to read extended attributes.

FILE_WRITE_EA (16 (0x10))

Grants the right to write extended attributes.

FILE_EXECUTE (file) FILE_TRAVERSE (directory) (32 (0x20))

Grants the right to execute a file. For a directory, the directory can be traversed.

FILE_DELETE_CHILD (directory) (64 (0x40))

Grants the right to delete a directory and all of the files it contains, even if the files are read-only.


Grants the right to read file attributes.


Grants the right to change file attributes.

DELETE (65536 (0x10000))

Grants delete access.

READ_CONTROL (131072 (0x20000))

Grants read access to the security descriptor and owner.

WRITE_DAC (262144 (0x40000))

Grants write access to the discretionary access control list (ACL).

WRITE_OWNER (524288 (0x80000))

Assigns the write owner.

SYNCHRONIZE (1048576 (0x100000))

Synchronizes access and allows a process to wait for an object to enter the signaled state.

Return value

Returns True when the caller has the specified permissions, and false when the caller does not have the specified permissions.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008

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