Enables DLL servers to run in a surrogate process. If an empty string is specified, the system-supplied surrogate is used; otherwise, the value specifies the path of the surrogate to be used.

Registry Entry

      DllSurrogate = path


This is a REG_SZ value that specifies that the class is a DLL that is to be activated in a surrogate process, and the surrogate process to be used. To use the system-supplied generic surrogate process, set path to an empty string or NULL. To specify another surrogate process, set path to the path of the surrogate. As in the specification of the path of a server under the LocalServer32 key, a full path specification is not necessary. The surrogate must be written to properly communicate with the DCOM service as described in Writing a Custom Surrogate.

The DllSurrogate value must be present for a DLL server to be activated in a surrogate. Activation refers to a call to CoGetClassObject, CoCreateInstanceEx, CoCreateInstanceEx, CoGetInstanceFromFile, CoGetInstanceFromIStorage, or IMoniker::BindToObject. Running DLLs in a surrogate process provides the benefits of an executable implementation, including fault isolation, the ability to serve multiple clients simultaneously, and allowing the server to provide services to remote clients in a distributed environment.


DLL Surrogates