Sets the software restriction policy (SRP) trust level for applications.

Registry Entry

      SRPTrustLevel = value


This is a REG_DWORD value that is available starting with Windows XP.

Value Description
0x0 (SAFER_LEVELID_DISALLOWED) The application is disallowed from accessing and security-sensitive user privileges.
0x40000 (SAFE_LEVELID_FULLYTRUSTED) The application has unrestricted access to the user's privileges.


If the SRPTrustLevel value does not exist, the default value of SAFER_LEVELID_DISALLOWED is used. If SRPTrustLevel is of the wrong type or out of range, COM returns the error COMADMIN_E_SAFERINVALID. If an activation of any sort fails because of SRP trust checks, COM returns the error CO_E_ACTIVATIONFAILED.

Security in COM