Animation Control Styles

This section lists the window styles used with animation controls.

Constant Description
Starts playing the animation as soon as the AVI clip is opened.
Centers the animation in the animation control's window.
By default, the control creates a thread to play the AVI clip. If you set this flag, the control plays the clip without creating a thread; internally the control uses a Win32 timer to synchronize playback.
Comctl32.dll version 6 and later: This style is not supported. By default, the control plays the AVI clip without creating a thread.
Note: Comctl32.dll version 6 is not redistributable. To use Comctl32.dll version 6, specify it in a manifest. For more information on manifests, see Enabling Visual Styles.
Allows you to match an animation's background color to that of the underlying window, creating a "transparent" background. The parent of the animation control must not have the WS_CLIPCHILDREN style (see Window Styles). The control sends a WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message to its parent. Use SetBkColor to set the background color for the device context to an appropriate value. The control interprets the upper-left pixel of the first frame as the animation's default background color. It will remap all pixels with that color to the value you supplied in response to WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC.


Requirement Value