Progress Bar Control Styles

The following control styles are supported by Progress Bar controls:

Constant Description
Version 6.0 or later. The progress indicator does not grow in size but instead moves repeatedly along the length of the bar, indicating activity without specifying what proportion of the progress is complete.
Note: Comctl32.dll version 6 is not redistributable but it is included in Windows or later. To use Comctl32.dll version 6, specify it in a manifest. For more information on manifests, see Enabling Visual Styles.
Version 4.70 or later. The progress bar displays progress status in a smooth scrolling bar instead of the default segmented bar.
Note: This style is supported only in the Windows Classic theme. All other themes override this style.
Version 6.0 or later and Windows Vista. Determines the animation behavior that the progress bar should use when moving backward (from a higher value to a lower value). If this is set, then a "smooth" transition will occur, otherwise the control will "jump" to the lower value.
Version 4.70 or later. The progress bar displays progress status vertically, from bottom to top.


You can set progress bar styles, in the same way as other common controls, with CreateWindowEx, GetWindowLong, or SetWindowLong.


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