Tab Control Extended Styles

The tab control now supports extended styles. These styles are manipulated using the TCM_GETEXTENDEDSTYLE and TCM_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE messages and should not be confused with extended window styles that are passed to CreateWindowEx.

Constant Description
Version 4.71. The tab control will draw separators between the tab items. This extended style only affects tab controls that have the TCS_BUTTONS and TCS_FLATBUTTONS styles. By default, creating the tab control with the TCS_FLATBUTTONS style sets this extended style. If you do not require separators, you should remove this extended style after creating the control.
Version 4.71. The tab control generates TCN_GETOBJECT notification codes to request a drop target object when an object is dragged over the tab items in the control. The application must call CoInitialize or OleInitialize before setting this style.


Requirement Value