Using Tooltip Controls

This section contains examples that demonstrate how to create different types of tooltips.

In this section

Topic Description
How to Create a Tooltip for a Control
The following example function creates a tooltip and associates it with the control whose resource ID is passed in.
How to Create a Tooltip for a Rectangular Area
The following example demonstrates how to create a standard tooltip control for a window's entire client area.
How to Implement Tracking Tooltips
Tracking tooltips remain visible until they are explicitly closed by the application, and can change position on the screen dynamically. They are supported by version 4.70 and later of the common controls.
How to Implement Multiline Tooltips
Multiline tooltips allow text to be displayed on more than one line.
How to Implement Balloon Tooltips
Balloon tooltips are similar to standard tooltips, but are displayed in a cartoon-style "balloon" with a stem pointing to the tool. Balloon tooltips can be either single-line or multiline. They are created and handled in much the same way as standard tooltips.
How to Implement Tooltips for Status Bar Icons
A nonintrusive way to display an explanatory message for a status bar icon is to implement a tooltip. The tooltip disappears when clicked, but you can also specify a time-out value.
How to Implement In-Place Tooltips
In-place tooltips are used to display text strings for objects that have been clipped. For an illustration, see About Tooltip Controls.