Core Audio Enumerations

This section describes the enumerations that are used by the Core Audio APIs in Windows Vista and later.

Enumeration Description
_AUDCLNT_BUFFERFLAGS Status flags for an audio endpoint buffer.
AUDCLNT_SHAREMODE The sharing mode for a stream.
AUDCLNT_STREAMOPTIONS Defines values that describe the characteristics of an audio stream.
AUDIO_STREAM_CATEGORY Specifies the category of an audio stream.
AudioSessionState The state of an audio session.
ConnectorType The type of connector in a device topology.
DataFlow The data-flow direction of an audio stream.
EDataFlow The direction in which audio data flows between an audio endpoint device and a client application.
EndpointFormFactor The general physical attributes of an audio endpoint device.
ERole The system role of an audio endpoint device.
The type of connection.
PartType The part type of a part (connector or subunit) in a device topology.

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