COM+ (Component Services)


COM+ is an evolution of Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). COM+ builds on and extends applications written using COM, MTS, and other COM-based technologies. COM+ handles many of the resource management tasks that you previously had to program yourself, such as thread allocation and security. COM+ also makes your applications more scalable by providing thread pooling, object pooling, and just-in-time object activation. COM+ also helps protect the integrity of your data by providing transaction support, even if a transaction spans multiple databases over a network.

Where applicable

COM+ can be used to develop enterprise-wide, mission-critical, distributed applications for Windows.

If you are a system administrator, you will be installing, deploying, and configuring COM+ applications and their components. If you are an application programmer, you will be writing components and integrating them as applications. If you are a tools vendor, you will be developing or modifying tools to work in the COM+ environment.

Developer audience

COM+ is designed primarily for Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic developers.

Run-time requirements

COM+ version 1.5 is included in Windows starting with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. COM+ version 1.0 is included in Windows 2000.

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