Managing Partitions Within Active Directory

As an alternative to managing Active Directory partitions through the Active Directory Users and Computers administrative tool, you can manage COM+ partitions programmatically through the use of a set of COM+ objects within Active Directory System Interface (ADSI).

Regardless of the administrative technique you choose for managing COM+ partitions, there is a general sequence of steps that administrators must follow:

  1. Create the new COM+ partitions within Active Directory for your domain.
  2. Create COM+ partition sets within Active Directory, and map them to your newly created COM+ partitions.
  3. Configure your Active Directory partitions on your local machine, using the appropriate COM+ object. When you configure an Active Directory partition on a local machine, a COM+ Applications folder is automatically created in that partition folder.
  4. Install your COM+ applications in the appropriate COM+ partitions.

All of the preceding steps can be done programmatically, using a set of Active Directory interfaces called ADSI. The objects available for managing partitions that are available within ADSI are as follows:


For information on creating and managing COM+ partitions through the use of the Active Directory Users and Computers and Component Services administrative tools, see the online help available from within each tool.

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