Cabinet API Functions

This section describes the following Cabinet API functions:

FCI Functions

The FCI (File Compression Interface) library provides the ability to create cabinets (also known as "CAB files"). Additionally, the library provides compression to reduce the size of the file data stored in cabinets.

Function Description
FCIAddFile Adds a file to the cabinet currently being contructed.
FCICreate Creates an FCI context.
FCIDestroy Deletes an open FCI context, freeing any memory and temporary files associated with the context.
FCIFlushCabinet Completes the current cabinet.
FCIFlushFolder Forces the current folder under construction to be completed immediately.


FDI Functions

The FDI (File Decompression Interface) library provides the ability to extract files from cabinets.

Function Description
FDICopy Extracts files from cabinets.
FDICreate Creates an FDI context.
FDIDestroy Deletes an open FDI context.
FDIIsCabinet Determines whether a file is a cabinet and, if it is, returns descriptive information.
FDITruncateCabinet Truncates a cabinet file starting at the specified folder number.


Deprecated Functions

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