Devices (Direct3D 11 Graphics)

A Direct3D device allocates and destroys objects, renders primitives, and communicates with a graphics driver and the hardware. In Direct3D 11, a device is separated into a device object for creating resources and a device-context object, which performs rendering. This section describes Direct3D 11 device and device-context objects.

Objects created from one device cannot be used directly with other devices. Use a shared resource to share data between multiple devices, with the constraint that a shared object can be used only by the device that created it.

In this section

Topic Description
Introduction to a Device in Direct3D 11
The Direct3D 11 object model separates resource creation and rendering functionality into a device and one or more contexts; this separation is designed to facilitate multithreading.
Software Layers
The Direct3D 11 runtime is constructed with layers, starting with the basic functionality at the core and building optional and developer-assist functionality in outer layers. This section describes the functionality of each layer.
Limitations Creating WARP and Reference Devices
Some limitations exist for creating WARP and Reference devices in Direct3D 10.1 and Direct3D 11.0. This topic discusses those limitations.
Direct3D 11 on Downlevel Hardware
This section discusses how Direct3D 11 is designed to support both new and existing hardware, from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11.
Using Direct3D 11 feature data to supplement Direct3D feature levels
Find out how to check device support for optional features, including features that were added in recent versions of Windows.

How to topics about devices

Topic Description
How To: Create a Reference Device
Describes how to create a reference device.
How To: Create a WARP Device
Describes how to create a WARP device.
How To: Create a Swap Chain
Describes how to create a swap chain.
How To: Enumerate Adapters
Describes how to enumerate the physical display adapters.
How To: Get Adapter Display Modes
Describes how to get the supported display capabilities of an adapter.
How To: Create a Device and Immediate Context
Describes how to initialize a device.

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