Direct3D 11 implements support for object creation and rendering using multiple threads.

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Introduction to Multithreading in Direct3D 11
Multithreading is designed to improve performance by performing work using one or more threads at the same time.
Object Creation with Multithreading
Use the ID3D11Device interface to create resources and objects, use the ID3D11DeviceContext for rendering.
Immediate and Deferred Rendering
Direct3D 11 supports two types of rendering: immediate and deferred. Both are implemented by using the ID3D11DeviceContext interface.
Command List
A command list is a sequence of GPU commands that can be recorded and played back. A command list may improve performance by reducing the amount of overhead generated by the runtime.
Threading Differences between Direct3D Versions
Many multi-threaded programming models make use of synchronization primitives (such as mutexes) to create critical sections and prevent code from being accessed by more than one thread at a time.

How To: Check for Driver Support