Programming Guide for Direct3D 9

This guide contains a description of the graphics pipeline implemented by Microsoft Direct3D. It is a guide for developers who implement Direct3D graphics functionality into their applications. The guide contains architecture descriptions, functional block diagrams, and descriptions of the building blocks in the pipeline, as well as code snippets and sample applications. The information is divided into the following sections:

  • Getting Started - This section contains both an overview of the pipeline and tutorials that can help you get a simple graphics application running in a few minutes.
  • Effects - This section covers effects and effect files for building applications that can run on a variety of hardware platforms.
  • Advanced Topics - This section contains examples of different types of special effects you can implement. Topics such as environment and bump mapping, antialiasing, vertex blending, tweening, high dynamic range (HDR) lighting, and precomputed radiance transfer (PRT) show how to apply leading-edge special effects to your application.
  • Programming Tips - This section contains information to help you develop Direct3D graphics applications efficiently.

For more information about specific API methods, see the Reference pages.

Direct3D 9 Graphics