DXGI 1.5 Improvements

The following functionality has been added to Microsoft DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI) 1.5, to support more flexible specifying and duplication of output formats.

High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut

Refer to Using DirectX with high dynamic range displays and advanced color.

Variable refresh rate displays

Refer to Variable refresh rate displays.

Duplicating output

A single interface, IDXGIOutput5, with a single method, DuplicateOutput1, has been added to DXGI 1.5 to provide a more flexible and higher performance version of the original DuplicateOutput method. DuplicateOutput1 allows specifying a list of supported formats for fullscreen surfaces that can be returned by the IDXGIOutputDuplication object, and enables capturing HDR and WCG content.

Offering and Reclaiming Resources

Updated methods OfferResources1 and ReclaimResources1 have been added to a new interface, IDXGIDevice4, to allow de-committing of memory in addition to discarding resources. Opting in to the new DXGI_OFFER_RESOURCE_FLAG_ALLOW_DECOMMIT flag means the new reclaim results must be properly handled.

Programming Guide for DXGI