Shader Model 5

This section contains the reference pages for HLSL Shader Model 5.

Shader Model 5 is a superset of the capabilites in Shader Model 4. It has been designed using a common-shader core which provides a common set of features to all programmable shaders, which are only programmable using HLSL.

Feature Capability
Instruction Set HLSL intrinsic functions
Vertex Shader Max No restriction
Pixel Shader Max No restriction
New Shader Profiles Added cs_4_0, gs_4_0*, ps_4_0*, vs_4_0*, cs_4_1, gs_4_1*, ps_4_1*, vs_4_1*, cs_5_0, ds_5_0, gs_5_0, hs_5_0, ps_5_0, vs_5_0

* - gs_4_0, gs_4_1, ps_4_0, ps_4_1, vs_4_0 and vs_4_1 were introduced in Shader Model 4.0, however, DirectX 11 adds support for structured buffers and byte address buffers to Shader Model 4 running on DirectX 10 hardware.

Shader Model 5 introduces the compute shader which provides high-speed general purpose computing.

A more complete listing of Shader Model 5 features is included in a listing of the Direct3D 11 features.

The Shader Model 5 Assembly section describes the assembly instructions that the Shader Model 5 supports.

In This Section

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Shader Model 5 Attributes
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 attributes.
Shader Model 5 Intrinsic Functions
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 intrinsic functions.
Shader Model 5 Objects
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 objects and methods.
Shader Model 5 System Values
Reference pages for Shader Model 5 system values.

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