dcl_samplerType (sm2, sm3 - ps asm)

Declare a pixel shader sampler.


dcl_samplerType s#



  • _samplerType defines the sampler data type. This determines how many coordinates are required by each texture coordinate when sampling. The following texture coordinate dimensions are defined.
    • _2d
    • _cube
    • _volume
  • s# identifies a sampler where s is an abbreviation for the sampler, and # is the sampler number. Samplers are pseudo registers because you cannot directly read or write to them.


Pixel shader versions 1_1 1_2 1_3 1_4 2_0 2_x 2_sw 3_0 3_sw
dcl_samplerType x x x x x


All dcl_samplerType instructions must appear before the first executable instruction.


dcl_cube t0.rgb;  // Define a 3D texture map.

add r0, r0, t0;   // Perturb texture coordinates. 
texld r0, s0, r0; // Load r0 with a color sampled from stage0
                  //   at perturbed texture coordinates r0.
                  // This is a dependent texture read.

Pixel Shader Instructions