Shader Model 5.1

This section contains the reference pages for HLSL Shader Model 5.1, introduced with D3D12.

Shader Model 5.1 is functionally very similar to Shader Model 5, the main change is more flexibility in resource selection by allowing indexing of arrays of descriptors from within a shader.

Feature Capability
Instruction Set HLSL intrinsic functions
Vertex Shader Max No restriction
Pixel Shader Max No restriction
New Shader Profiles Added cs_5_1, ds_5_1, gs_5_1, hs_5_1, ps_5_1, vs_5_1, rootsig_1_0

In this section

Topic Description
Shader Model 5.1 Objects
The following objects have been added to shader model 5.1.
Shader Model 5.1 System Values
Shader Model 5.1 adds the following new system values.

Shader Models vs Shader Profiles

HLSL Shader Model 5.1 Features for Direct3D 12