Using shader linking

We show how to create precompiled HLSL functions, package them into libraries, and link them into full shaders at run-time. Shader linking is supported starting with Windows 8.1.

Objective: Learn how to use shader linking.


We assume that you are familiar with C++. You also need basic experience with graphics programming concepts.

Total time to complete: 60 minutes.

Where to go from here

Also see HLSL compiler APIs.

We show you how to:

  • Compile your shader code
  • Load the compiled code into a shader library
  • Bind the resources from source slots to destination slots
  • Construct function-linking-graphs (FLGs) for shaders
  • Link shader graphs with a shader library to produce a shader blob that the Direct3D runtime can use

Next we make a shader library and bind resources from source slots to destination slots.

Packaging a shader library

Programming Guide for HLSL

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