Analog Video Crossbar Filter

The Analog Video Crossbar filter represents a video crossbar on a video capture device that supports the Windows Driver Model (WDM).

This filter is a wrapper filter for crossbars on WDM streaming devices. The filter's friendly name is taken from the device. Each output pin represents a hardware path for analog baseband video. One of the input pins comes from a TV Tuner (the TV Tuner Filter). Other input pins support video or audio streams. The filter supports any media subtypes and formats that are supported on the downstream connections.

You cannot directly create this filter with CoCreateInstance. The ICaptureGraphBuilder2 interface automatically adds this filter to the graph as needed.

For more information on wrapper filters and WDM streaming devices, see How Hardware Devices Participate in the Filter Graph.

Label Value
Filter Interfaces IAMCrossbar, ISpecifyPropertyPages, IPersistPropertyBag, IPersistStream
Input Pin Media Types MEDIATYPE_AnalogAudio, MEDIATYPE_AnalogVideo
Input Pin Interfaces IKsPropertySet
Output Pin Media Types MEDIATYPE_AnalogAudio, MEDIATYPE_AnalogVideo
Output Pin Interfaces IKsPropertySet
Filter CLSID Not applicable
Property Page CLSID CLSID_CrossbarFilterPropertyPage
Merit Driver-dependent.


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