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Enable and Control DWM Composition
The Desktop Window Manager (DWM) composition APIs provides several functions for setting and querying for basic information that is used by the DWM. These APIs enable you to query and change the composition state. Additionally, you can set and query the rendering policy for different DWM window attributes.
DWM Blur Behind Overview
One of the signature DWM effects is a translucent and blurred non-client area. The DWM APIs enable applications to apply these effects to the client area of their top-level windows.
DWM Thumbnail Overview
DWM enables the display of thumbnail representations of application windows. These are not static snapshots of a window, but are instead dynamic, constant connections between a thumbnail source window and a location on a destination window that receives the live thumbnail rendering. This allows a quick view of running applications by hovering over the application on the taskbar or using the ALT-TAB key gesture to see and quickly switch to an application.
Accessing and Controlling DWM Frame Data
This topic discusses the DWM APIs that are used for scheduling and media presentation.
Performance Considerations and Best Practices
This topic presents a set of best practices for using the DWM APIs.
Custom Window Frame Using DWM
This topic demonstrates how to use the DWM APIs to create custom window frames for your application.