DirectXMath programming guide

DirectXMath provides a math solution optimized for Windows.

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Getting Started
The DirectXMath Library implements an optimal and portable interface for arithmetic and linear algebra operations on single-precision floating-point vectors (2D, 3D, and 4D) or matrices (3×3 and 4×4).
What's New
The DirectXMath library is based on the XNA Math C++ SIMD library version 2.04. Here we describe how DirectXMath differs from XNA Math and how DirectXMath versions differ.
Code Migration
This overview describes the changes required to migrate existing code using the XNA Math library to the DirectXMath library.
Working with D3DXMath
D3DXMath is a math helper library for Direct3D applications.
Code Optimization
This topic describes optimization considerations and strategies with the DirectXMath Library.
Library Internals
This topic describes the internal design of the DirectXMath library.


DirectXMath Programming Reference