Api.GetTableIndexes method (JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID)

Iterates over all the indexes in the table, returning information about each one.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Isam.Esent.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.Isam.Esent.Interop (in Microsoft.Isam.Esent.Interop.dll)


Public Shared Function GetTableIndexes ( _
    sesid As JET_SESID, _
    tableid As JET_TABLEID _
) As IEnumerable(Of IndexInfo)
Dim sesid As JET_SESID
Dim tableid As JET_TABLEID
Dim returnValue As IEnumerable(Of IndexInfo)

returnValue = Api.GetTableIndexes(sesid, _
public static IEnumerable<IndexInfo> GetTableIndexes(
    JET_SESID sesid,
    JET_TABLEID tableid


Return value

Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<IndexInfo>
An iterator over an IndexInfo for each index in the table.

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